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We get many phone calls from agents and landlords with rental queries so we started the rental help line.  Please send us your queries and we will attempt to answer them.

No Curtain Rods

QUERY: Hi Vivien, Please will you be so kind and advise on the following: I have just rented out a house, built about two years ago, and never been lived in. There are no curtain rails, rods, or blinds. I have asked the owner whether possible to fit and install rails at the cost of the owner. This is the owners reply after seeking legal advise:

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Lease Period Increases

QUERY: Hi Vivien/ Debbie, I am currently working on a lease agreement but do not have a trustworthy agreement – could you please help me with this. The other thing, what does the housing act says about sewerage & garbage removal “SERVICES” and the “INCREASE OF STANDING CHARGES” as levies of body corporates / rates & taxes  and water & lights (if this should go up during the lease period)? 

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Tenant responsible for arrears?

QUERY: Hi Vivien, Could you please advise me on the situation below - I have a suspicion that this is going to end up with the Tribunal. The flat in question, was rented out by a large rental company. Then it was sold and the selling agent would not put us in touch with the owner, he manages for them.

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Extension of lease agreement

QUERY: Dear Vivian and/or Debbie, Would you be so kind to assist me with the following? If I have a Lease Agreement (Copy attached) with COMMENCEMENT DATE and a TERMINATION DATE and the termination date is reached, is the contract legal on a month to month basis thereafter? I want to know if I MUST sign an Extension of Lease agreement or if I can do the paperwork when there is a rent increase? Your assistance is appreciated. - Chrizane 

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Interpretation of the word “restoration”

QUERY: Hi ladies, The Rental Housing Act states: on the expiration of the lease, the landlord may apply such deposit and interest 30 towards the payment of all amounts for which the tenant is liable under the said lease, including the reasonable cost of repairing damage to the dwelling during the lease period and the cost of replacing lost keys and the balance of the deposit and interest, if any, must then be refunded to the tenant by the landlord not later than 14 days of restoration of the dwelling to the landlord. 

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Annual Rate Payment

QUERY: Dear Vivien, I rent out my home in Kenilworth and it is administered by a friend of a friend. I received an email recently relating to the following:

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