RENT News No.08

Dear Rental Agents!

Landlord’s Hypothec 

Those who have attended the Rental Course will be aware of the ‘Landlord’s hypothec’ that applies to all a Tenant’s possessions whilst the lease agreement is in place. This means that an owner of a property has a legal right to these possessions which are present on the leased property in order to secure proper payment of the rent and other payments for which the Tenant is responsible. 

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RENT News No.07

Dear Rental Agents!

Defaulting rental payers:

There are more and more of these being brought to the Tribunal. Please note that the Rental Tribunal is not a debt collecting body and that it expects landlords/agents to first put in place whatever punitive measures which are in the lease agreement before lodging a case with the Tribunal. Once a tenant has been fined, put in breach and given an opportunity of rectifying a situation, if the situation is not rectified a landlord/agent may apply to the Tribunal for an attachment order to realize the amounts owing.

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RENT News No.06

Dear Rental Agents!

Recently I was most interested to read that an auctioneering service had been launched whereby rental agreements would be auctioned. Prospective tenants, whether residential or commercial, will be able to register to attend the auctions and will be provided with all details of the property and its location, the lease agreement, the period of lease, escalation, deposits etc. Once it gets going I will report further on its success.  

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RENT News No.05

Greetings Rental Agents!

This is hoping that your rentals are all performing well, that your lease and management agreements are all in place and that with the new policies you have instituted; your tenants are paying on time and performing as they should!

Amendment to the Rental Housing Act: May 2008 - Transparency with regard to lease costs 

There has been such a great deal of questions around the amendment to do with the lease contract that I need to clarify what is expected. I note that a few clever legal persons believe that their strategies are enough to circumvent the amendment, but sadly the Tribunal will not accept them for these reasons. It is illegal to evade the law.

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RENT News No.04

Dear Rental Agents and Landlords

I wish you a healthy and successful 2009 and trust that the foundation you laid for your rental business during last year will be an excellent springboard from which to jump this year.

We are seeing a great deal of non payment of rental due to the general economic downturn and urge you to be extra vigilant in noting when tenants do not pay. You will have to develop a definite method of coping with this fact as the amount of defaulting tenants will increase further into the year, and remain ‘fair, firm and friendly’ in your strategy of persuading these tenants to move as soon as possible.

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