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Learn how to successfully rent your residential property. Most landlords are unaware of the regulations in place which legislate the renting of residential property. Unlike the renting of commercial and industrial property, the Rental Housing Act has been specifically drawn up to protect residential tenants during their period of lease. Unless landlords are aware of the complexity of these regulations they can find themselves involved in difficult legal cases either with the Rental Housing Tribunal or in a court of law.

Our seminars explains the Act and Unfair Practices Regulations as well as the benefit of an effective lease and management agreement. A SARS tax expert will discuss allowable tax benefits and a legal person will explain the eviction process with all its costs.

Vivien Marks, the presenter of these seminars, has had many years experience in the rental of properties and is currently a member of the Rental Housing Tribunal. Case history is used in the interpretation of the Act which gives suitable answers to problems being experienced by landlords. Landlords are urged to attend our rental seminars and courses.

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