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Residential Rentals Course

LANDLORDS and Estate Agents - are you familiar with the rental process? Have you thought of a change in direction and the possibility of learning how to rent property? Or, is it time for you to establish a rental arm to your existing business? Do you own property that you wish to rent out? Do you know enough about the Rental Housing Act to be able to advise your tenant etc? The Rental Course is a detailed account of the acts that legislate rentals and the "HOW TO" of rentals. The tutorials cover the practical side of marketing the property, attracting tenants, coping with tenants and all relevant documents. It also entails interactive class discussions and case studies.

This proactive course has been carefully devised with the residential rental agent in mind, however, landlords have found it to be invaluable to them as well. It proceeds with an explanation of the Rental Housing Act and Unfair Practices Regulations, and continues with letting process from the time an owner of a property approaches an agent through to the tenant moving into the property.

Relevant forms, letters, policies and documents are presented and discussed, and many practical tasks are undertaken giving the agent as full an outline as is possible in the space of time allocated. The course concludes with certain cases that are used to clarify the act and regulations.

Residential Course Content:

  • Legislation - all acts affecting rentals
  • Mandates/Management Agreement
  • Finding the Tenant: advertising, qualifying, credit checks, references
  • Necessary forms & letters: application, credit, inspection, deposits, termination etc
  • Leases: types of leases, deed of assignment, extensions, addendums, sectional title
  • Payments: rentals, levies, bonds, arrears, services, statements
  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Legal procedures: evictions, PIE Act, Debt Collectors’ Act
  • Inspections & reports
  • Common problems and their answers

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